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Well Registry Information

It’s better to record your water well information in the WELLS database as it has several advantages. And, if you’re using your groundwater well for commercial purposes, then you must apply for a water license. However, you don’t have to worry about the technicalities or deal with the hassle of getting such permits. We will help you with the submission of construction, alteration, and decommissioning reports of water wells.

Additional Services

At Donewell Drilling Services, we can help repair your elevator shafts. With special equipment that gets us to tight spaces, such as underground parkades in apartment buildings, your faulty elevator shafts will be fixed in no time. In addition to high-pressure development for low producing wells, we perform drilling for:

Inside elevator and Ig diameter rock holes
Rock piling holes
Pole holes
Geothermal rock holes
Pressure grouting

More than Water Well Drillers

We’re also available to service your elevator shaft.

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